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Are you addicted to technology?

Because I am young, I am supposed to say yes (according to 86.3%), but I am very thankful to be able to say no. Perhaps it is mostly because I am wading through thousands of dollars of debt (thank you, college education!) or perhaps it is simply because I like to “unplug” after working at a computer all day. Either way, I do not have a burning desire to own the newest or greatest technological device.

I would agree with 46.9% though, that I feel lost without my cell phone. I love texting—there’s something fascinating about being able to tell my friends and family exactly what I’m thinking at this exact moment. (Hey mom, I’m writing a blog about texting and I’m about to mention you, LOL). I also need my phone nearby at all times because my mother has recently become a text fiend. She fills me in on the hometown gossip or lets me know that Walmart is having a sale—what can she get me? She also worries a lot, and has already gotten used to me responding almost immediately. 55.8% of 18-34-year-olds admit they respond to texts immediately, and sometimes I am in that mix with important issues. 39.9% of these young people wait until they have spare time, which is what I generally do. Even with regular messages coming in, could I survive a day without my cell phone? Sure! Could my mom survive if I didn’t have my phone? That’s another story…

To check out the full technology report, click here!

Let’s be honest—I may not be able to afford the newest/latest/greatest technology, but I also cannot afford gas or a home phone line. Thus, more of my communications with friends and family happen digitally as opposed to in person. Most people my age (in the 18-34 range) do communicate more through impersonal means, like texts or IMs (52.1%), vs. personal methods, like face-to-face or over the phone (30.0%).

For me, digital doesn’t have to mean impersonal. I still prefer face to face communication above all others, but sometimes I need digital ways to set up some face time with the ones I really care about. I won’t lie, I am addicted to Facebook—this social media tool makes it so quick and easy to invite people to a party, post photos for my cousins who live hours away, or simply say hi to people I rarely get to see.


Again, if you’d like to check out the technology report, here’s the link!

So what about you? Are you a tech addict? Does your smartphone rule your life or do you? How do you balance digital and personal communication in your life?

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