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Let’s Talk [Trick or] Treats

This month in the Voice of the People section of our Consumer Intentions & Actions® Survey, we asked a couple of fun Halloween questions regarding candy – what kind consumers like to pass out to trick-or-treaters and what kind they like to keep and eat for themselves. We posed these questions as unaided write-ins, so responses ranged from branded candies (like Butterfinger®, Smarties®, and Milky Way®) to favorite candy types (such as chocolate, lollipops, and candy corn).

The results of the survey revealed two clear winners for both questions: Reese’s® and Snickers®. Yes, it was nice to see that consumers aren’t keeping all of the “good” candy for themselves!

Among candy passed out on Beggar’s Night, Snickers® will be the most prevalent (20.2% of those expressing a preference indicated this was their favorite candy to hand out), while Reese’s® came in second (10.8%). Reese’s® popularity grows a little among those under 45 and lowers to 5.9% with those 65+, but Snickers® maintains its popularity amongst all age groups. Chocolate (6.8%), Kit Kat® (6.3%), candy bars (5.9%), and M&M’s® (5.8%) are other top options among Adults 18+.

Interestingly, while consumers overall are twice as likely to pass out Snickers® as they are Reese’s®, the peanut butter candy is the top choice to keep and eat at home. It’s a close call though, as 16.0% of those with a preference say Reese’s® is their personal favorite over Snickers® (15.6%). Chocolate (8.1%), candy corn (7.2%), Kit Kat® (5.3%), and M&M’s® (5.0%) were other top choices. And, among those 55+, Snickers® is the favorite, while one in five (22.3%) 18-24 year olds are more partial to Reese’s®.

For more information on this data, please contact BIGinsight™.

And, for Halloween data released earlier in the month by the National Retail Federation®, including spending, activities, and planned costumes, please click here.

Source: Consumer Intentions & Actions® Survey – OCT-11 (N = 8585, 10/4 – 10/11/11)

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