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Thanks for the Customer Service, but my Smartphone Found a Better Price

January 16, 2012 Leave a comment

Forget about shopping in your pajamas – with smartphones and tablets, you can shop in multiple stores by going to just one store. Sure, you can do that online, from the comfort of your own home, but you can’t feel the product and really see it up close. You also don’t have the advantage of picking the brains of customer service reps and product experts.

I recently had the chance to “borrow” customer service from a store I wasn’t planning to purchase from. Sadly at the time, I did not have a smartphone (those were tragic times), but I still went in to an electronics store knowing prices and stats of laptops I had found online. I spent time chatting up a member of the customer service team and he helped me pick the model I wanted. When the associate was ready to ring me up, I chuckled a little and said “No thanks, I found this same model online for $200 less…in red.” Although the associate was bummed, he knew he was defeated (he could not offer me my heart’s desire – a new metallic red Toshiba!). He groveled and tried to counter the offer with warranties, but I would already be getting one from the manufacturer no matter where I purchased. Had his boss been aware of better deals and color selections elsewhere, perhaps the store could have made me a better offer.

Using smartphones and tablets, Mobile Users have pulled this same maneuver—they shopped one store, compared prices on their device, and then left to purchase somewhere else! 40.6% have gone to another physical store and 25.6% have purchased from a different online retailer:

Have you ever done any of the following on your smartphone or tablet while shopping in a store? (Check all that apply)
Compared prices and purchased from another retailer’s physical store


Read product reviews to decide between products


Compared prices but still purchased from the same retailer


Scanned a QR code to get more information about a product


“Checked in” for a discount


Requested a price match


Compared prices and purchased from another retailer’s website using my device


Compared prices and purchased from another retailer’s website using my laptop/desktop after leaving the store


Compared prices and purchased from the same retailer’s website using my laptop/desktop after leaving the store


Compared prices and purchased from the same retailer’s website using my device


Source: Prosper Mobile Insights™ Mobile Survey December 2011
Be sure to check out the release Opportunity Lost: 40% of Mobile Users Compare Prices, Purchase From Competition, According to Prosper Mobile Insights™

Several Mobile Users are also taking advantage of customer reviews, QR codes and check-ins.

Retailers need to watch out for these “smart” shoppers and iPad price investigators! Physical stores need to be able to compete with online stores, as well as their physical next door neighbors, since smartphone and tablet shoppers have all the competition’s price and selection information at their fingertips. Retailers can’t rely on the idea that shoppers like to touch and feel the merchandise before they buy—most shoppers still do, but they can experience your products in person and still purchase them somewhere else where the price is better! (They can take advantage of your knowledgeable sales people and still take the better price elsewhere 🙂

We want to hear your stories! How have you used a mobile device to help you shop? Have retailers lost your business because you found better deals somewhere else? (Have you made an electronics guru cry recently?) We want to hear from you!

Are you addicted to technology?

September 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Because I am young, I am supposed to say yes (according to 86.3%), but I am very thankful to be able to say no. Perhaps it is mostly because I am wading through thousands of dollars of debt (thank you, college education!) or perhaps it is simply because I like to “unplug” after working at a computer all day. Either way, I do not have a burning desire to own the newest or greatest technological device.

I would agree with 46.9% though, that I feel lost without my cell phone. I love texting—there’s something fascinating about being able to tell my friends and family exactly what I’m thinking at this exact moment. (Hey mom, I’m writing a blog about texting and I’m about to mention you, LOL). I also need my phone nearby at all times because my mother has recently become a text fiend. She fills me in on the hometown gossip or lets me know that Walmart is having a sale—what can she get me? She also worries a lot, and has already gotten used to me responding almost immediately. 55.8% of 18-34-year-olds admit they respond to texts immediately, and sometimes I am in that mix with important issues. 39.9% of these young people wait until they have spare time, which is what I generally do. Even with regular messages coming in, could I survive a day without my cell phone? Sure! Could my mom survive if I didn’t have my phone? That’s another story…

To check out the full technology report, click here!

Let’s be honest—I may not be able to afford the newest/latest/greatest technology, but I also cannot afford gas or a home phone line. Thus, more of my communications with friends and family happen digitally as opposed to in person. Most people my age (in the 18-34 range) do communicate more through impersonal means, like texts or IMs (52.1%), vs. personal methods, like face-to-face or over the phone (30.0%).

For me, digital doesn’t have to mean impersonal. I still prefer face to face communication above all others, but sometimes I need digital ways to set up some face time with the ones I really care about. I won’t lie, I am addicted to Facebook—this social media tool makes it so quick and easy to invite people to a party, post photos for my cousins who live hours away, or simply say hi to people I rarely get to see.


Again, if you’d like to check out the technology report, here’s the link!

So what about you? Are you a tech addict? Does your smartphone rule your life or do you? How do you balance digital and personal communication in your life?

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