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A Fashion Fixation

I would be lying if I told you that I didn’t have a massive, industrial grade shoe rack filled with footwear [à la the clearance racks you see at Macy’s]. I would also be fibbing if I told you that each spare closet in my house doesn’t store my off-season wardrobes. And, would you believe that I have a pretty sweet store of handbags as well?

While I don’t believe that I belong on an episode of A&E’s Hoarders [my husband might tell you otherwise], I do admit to a fixation with fashion – fashion on a budget, that is. I don’t pay retail prices for a darn thing.

Shopping for clothing is like a sport for me. I’m regularly equipped coupons, special sales, rebates, ad circulars, Googled promo codes, and even credit card perks. And my goal is to score high quality [sometimes even designer tier] apparel, shoes, and/or accessories at rock-bottom pricing. I even bought my wedding dress on sale…and used a coupon on top of that.

As it turns out, I’m not alone. According to the latest BIGinsight™ Monthly Consumer survey*, the majority of consumers agrees that “getting a great deal on apparel is like a ‘sport’ for me” [56.1% say this is somewhat/very true]. This number rises among both females 18-34 and 35+ and is a near-majority for men as well.

Getting a Great Deal on Apparel is Like a "Sport" for Me [Somewhat or Very True]

But that’s not to say that all consumers enjoy the thrill of the hunt. While nearly a third say that “shopping for apparel is one of my favorite pastimes” is somewhat/very true for them, a larger proportion (43.8%) indicated that this was not very/not at all true. In fact, among men over 35, nearly half (44.5%) would go as far as to say that “shopping for apparel is a necessary evil”!

In this age of smartphones, tablets, and other technological advancements, one might think that catalogs and other print media are a bit passé, but those hunting for fashion ideas might disagree. Nearly half (48.1%) of shoppers responded that they “enjoy looking through catalogs, direct mail advertisements, and circulars for apparel.” This number rises substantially among women 18-34 (61.9%) as well as their 35+ counterparts (57.2%).

But when it does come to new technology, it’s the younger shoppers (18-34) who are surfing sites for fashion trends and tips [some of my personal faves are here, here, and here]. In this age group, two in five women (40.0%) and – surprise! – nearly a third (32.3%) of young men say they “browse social media sites and/or blogs for outfit ideas.” Among those over 35, this figure drops significantly.

I browse social media sites and/or blogs for outfit ideas. [Somewhat or Very True]

Other fun findings:

– Nearly four out of five women 18-34 (78.5%) “enjoy shopping for apparel sales and discounts,” while the majority of young men (55.2%) feel the same.

– While women 18-34 (56.9%) and 35+ (47.8%) are the most likely to “try to re-create high-dollar looks on a low-dollar budget,” a large proportion of young men (46.1%) are inclined to attempt this as well. Men over 35? Not so much (29.2%).

UPDATE: For more on this topic, click over to our press release: Special BIGinsight™ Analysis Identifies Behaviors and Shopping Strategies of Apparel Shoppers. Includes analysis of Kohl’s, JC Penney, Macy’s, Target, and Walmart Women’s Clothing Shoppers.

For more information on this data, please contact BIGinsight™.

* Respondents were posed the following question: On a scale of 1 (“Not at All True”) to 5 (“Very True”), please tell us how true the following statements are when it comes to shopping for apparel for yourself and were presented with a variety of fashion and apparel oriented statements. A sampling of these statements appears within this report.

Source: BIGinsight™ Monthly Consumer Survey – APR-12 (N = 8724, 4/3 – 4/10/12)

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BIGinsight™ is a trademark of Prosper Business Development Corp.

2011 in Review: Calling All Fashionistas!

January 11, 2012 Leave a comment

In our earlier review of the Hottest Trends for 2011, were you wondering where all of the fashion trends landed in our list? As it turns out, due to the male opposition to anything termed “fashion,” none of the 27 sartorial trends we surveyed in 2011 cracked the Top 50 in our overall list. And thus our reasoning for this very important post…

Top 10 Fashion Trends for 2011:

  1. Color Red for Clothing (Sept-11)2: Who doesn’t love a vampy pair of red pumps? Or a great crimson-colored bag? Though it appears that consumers crave red in small doses: the Red Jeans/Pants trend (Jun-11) came in at #22 on this list (of 27).
  2. One-Piece Swimsuits (Jul-11): Maybe a monokini qualifies here? At any rate, it’s nice to see a little modesty on this list.
  3. Denim Cutoff Shorts (Jun-11): Daisy Duke called…a lot of consumers are still ripping off this trend [literally].
  4. Ankle Boots (Sept-11): The vertically challenged cousin of the classic knee-high stomper, these boots work well with skirts, crops, dress pants, and denim, making them a versatile option for trendy girls on a budget.
  5. UGG® Boots (Jan-11): Try wearing these in the middle of winter. You’ll convert.
  6. Pajama Jeans® (Mar-11): You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me.
  7. Pale Denim (Feb-11): While it may be a more relaxed and a less figure-forgiving than its dark denim counterpart, this was a relatively safe trend that a lot of consumers seemed to try.
  8. Plaid Fashion Trend (Dec-11): For the non-lumberjack look, try pairing a plaid shirt with a statement piece of jewelry. Perfection.
  9. Sheer Hosiery/Pantyhose (Aug-11): If it’s good enough for Duchess Kate and her sister Pippa, it’s good enough for us gals stateside.
  10. Clutch Handbags (Jul-11): When you can store just about anything on a smartphone, who needs to haul around a big handbag anymore? [OK, I do…but Clutches can come in handy].

And now for the trends that ended up at the bottom of the pile…

– “Mandals” (Oct-11): Men + Sandals, a fashion trend that President Obama inspired us to ask about. #allingoodfun
– Griege Nail Polish (Jan-11): Another mash-up (Grey + Beige), which consumers found more bleak than chic.
– Colorblocking Fashion Trend (May-11): Perhaps because it goes against what Garanimals taught the masses? It appears, though, that this trend is sticking around for 2012.

This all is, of course, according to the What’s Hot/What’s Not section of our monthly Consumer Intentions & Actions® survey1. Each month, more than 8,000 respondents have the opportunity to rate a list of trends, personalities, events, etc. as “hot” or “not”; the items we ask about are based on input from our respondents from the previous month’s survey as well as a variety of current trending topics.

And, for more information on this data, please contact BIGinsight™.

1 Hottest Trends for 2011 are limited to the 145 trends, personalities, events, etc. that were included in one of the 12 2011 Consumer Intentions & Actions® Surveys. Looking for Ryan Gosling, Charlie Sheen, Pippa Middleton, Keurig Coffee Makers, Occupy Wall Street, or Groupon? We got ‘em. Sorry about your luck on George Clooney, Zooey Deschanel, beach vacations, any of the Real Housewives, or Sperry Topsiders; they just didn’t make the our cut this year.

2 The month/year each item was asked is denoted in parenthesis (MMM-YY).

Source: Consumer Intentions & Actions® Survey, JAN – DEC 2011

© 2012, Prosper®

BIGinsight™ is a trademark of Prosper Business Development Corp.

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