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BIG on the Street: Hola Miami


Miami, Miami, you’ve got style.
Blue sky, sunshine, white sand by the mile.
When you live in this town, each day is sublime.
The coldest of winters are warm and divine.

–  Rose Nylund, Dorothy Zbornak
The Golden Girls
Season 2, Espisode 6


I never thought I’d see the day when I couldn’t count on the advice of my Girls. Having just flown back from a five day excursion to Miami, I had one expectation for this trip – a tan. Too bad it poured on Day 1…and Day 2…and Day 3 – you get the picture. Blue sky, sunshine my foot. If you are headed there sometime soon, don’t worry; Miami returned to normal beautiful weather patterns upon our departure. #vacationbust

Fun in the Sun? Note the sideways palms.

Fun in the Sun? Note the sideways palms.

While I didn’t manage to bring back my sunshine souvenir, I thought it would be fun to take a look at one of our southernmost states, courtesy of our monthly survey of more than 8,000 respondents (a portion of whom, of course, are Floridians).

While we already know that Florida is the “Best Bet for  a ‘Rerun’ Vacation” and is labeled “Most Attractive Attractions,” as it turns out, those living in the Sunshine do have style. More than a quarter of Florida residents (22.5%) say that newest fashion trends and styles are important to them, slightly higher than the national average (20.5%). While a third prefers traditional, conservative looks (33.1%), the largest proportion of Floridians opts for value and comfort over fashion (44.3%)…must be all of those retirees – nearly a quarter of those living in this southern state have withdrawn from the workplace (compared to about a fifth of the population overall).

When we look at retailers specifically shopped in Florida, it appears that Walmart and Kohl’s lose some of their nationwide appeal. Among Women’s Clothing connoisseurs, Macy’s (10.8%) takes top honors, followed by JC Penney (9.3%), Walmart (8.8%), Kohl’s (7.5%), and Ross (4.8%). While Walmart (13.9%) is shopped most often for Men’s (followed by JC Penney at 9.7%), Payless (11.7%) tracks ahead of the big discounter (10.5%) in Shoes.

Women's Clothing - Stores Shopped Most Often

Concluding the retail round-up, Florida-style:
– Walmart wins in Sporting Goods (15.6%), though Sports Authority (14.7%) finishes just a point behind. Dick’s takes bronze (9.2%).
– While the CVS lead nationwide is BIG news for the Prescription Drug category, this druggist (21.7%) still trails Walgreens (26.8%) in the Sunshine State.
– With two in five shopping here most often for Groceries, Publix (42.1%) brings the heat to match the humidity, those Walmart (27.6%) finishes a respectable second.

P.S. I’m not alone in my Golden Girls admiration…this TV classic ranked #2 among the shows that best portrays consumers’ groups of friends/social lives. Click here to view.

Source: BIGinsight™ Monthly Consumer Survey – APR-12 (N = 8724, 4/3 – 4/10/12)

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State Superlatives: Dreamiest Destination, Finest Fare, Best Bet for a “Rerun” + more

March 6, 2012 3 comments

Pack your bags! We’re about to take an imaginary week off to travel, courtesy of our latest American Pulse™ survey.

Given the chance to indulge their inner Samantha Brown*, 19.8% of consumers say they would choose Hawaii over every other state in the union [well, duh]. California (12.8%), Florida (12.3%), Alaska (7.2%), and New York (5.4%) round out the top five must-see states. Delaware, Nebraska, Rhode Island, Oklahoma, and Kansas were the states least likely to be visited by our respondents. [Ohio – home of BIGinsight – landed at #30 on our list, so it doesn’t appear that we had many takers on our Field of Corn.]

But let’s make this data a bit more interesting, shall we? We also asked consumers why they would visit a particular state, and we took these responses and tallied up our very own list of State Superlatives. So which states are the most likely to be visited for climate, landscape, nightlife, or cuisine? Read on…

Most Likely to Visit for Gratis Room and Board Quality Time with the Family: California. Yeah, Brad Pitt is my uncle, too…seriously, though, it would make sense that as one of the largest states in the union, The Golden State – residence to many a celebrity – is also called home by fair number of friends and family as well. Florida, Texas, New York, and Hawaii complete the top five.

Most Likely to Soak Up the Sun: Hawaii. Nearly a third of respondents seeking a great climate said “aloha” to Hawaii ; Florida, California, Arizona, and Colorado followed.

Best Use of Mountains, Oceans, and/or Other Natural Wonders: Hawaii. Beautiful beaches + volcanic adventure + lush rainforests = picturesque Hawaii. California, Florida, Alaska, and Colorado received honorable mention here.

Best Bet for a “Rerun” Vacation: Florida. Among those who have been there before and want to go back, Florida is the top destination, though Hawaii isn’t far behind. California, New York, and Nevada round out the top five must-return-to- states.

Dreamiest Destination: Hawaii. This isn’t surprising, but those who have always wanted to visit The Aloha State double the number of the second most bucket-listed state: Alaska. California, New York, and Florida follow.

Most Attractive Attractions: Florida. Mickey Mouse may have monkeyed with this ranking…the homes to both Disney World and Disneyland, Florida and California (respectively), packed a one-two punch here. New York, Hawaii, and Nevada followed.

Best Brain Food: Hawaii. It appears that the Pearl Harbor memorial and other historically Hawaiian sites are not far from the minds of those who would also like to benefit from the surf, sun, and sand. California, New York, Florida, and Washington D.C. were other top destinations for history buffs.

Most Likely to End Up with a Hangover: California & Nevada. Respondents were equally divided when it came to states offering the best nightlife; Florida, New York, and Hawaii followed. And props to The Big Easy here: Louisiana came in at #6.

Finest Fare: Hawaii. Bring on the grass skirts…it’s safe to assume that most of us would enjoy a luau. California, Florida, New York, and Nevada are also top states for haute cuisine. We found further regional flare for food with #6 (Texas), #7 (Louisiana), and #8 (Maine…mmm, Lobster!)

Best Spot to Get Teed Off: Hawaii. For those seeking sporting or outdoor adventure, The Aloha State was a hole in one yet again. Florida, California, Alaska, and Colorado were also high-scorers with athletic-minded travelers.

Best Place to Rack Up the Receipts: California. I can personally attest that California is a great state for exercising a little [OK, a lot] of retail therapy. Florida, New York, Hawaii [is there anything that one cannot do in that state?], and Nevada also prove popular amongst us shopaholics.

Happy travels!

For more information on this data, please contact BIGinsight™.

* For this question, consumers were asked: “If you were given the week off to travel, which state in the U.S. would you visit?” Respondents were able to choose from a list of the 50 U.S. states as well as Washington D.C.

Source: American Pulse™ Survey, FEB-12 #1, N = 3349

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BIGinsight™ is a trademark of Prosper Business Development Corp.

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