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Mommy Blog: Summertime Fun

Its summertime…sweet summertime!  (Some Kenney Chesney lyrics are playing in my head)  After such a long winter/not really winter…given we saw snow I think one time…summer is welcome with open arms at my house!  My kids are definitely dirt diggin’, sprinkler runnin’, sunscreen wearin’, bug catchin’, creek jumpin’, outside playin’ kind of kids!  My son wants to play outside from sun up till sun down.  As for my almost one year old little girl…she sure knows how to get her cute little outfits dirty!

This time of year is especially hard for me.  I would much rather be at home spending the days outside with my kids.  I’m not alone with 50% of parents answering somewhat/strongly agree with the statement:  I wish I worked less so I would have more time to spend with my children.  74.6% somewhat/strongly agree with the statement:  I wish I had the financial means to give my children more.  My children are young so I feel having more “time” to spend with them is a top priority in my life.  I’m sure one day when my son realizes “monies” do more than fill his piggy bank (that would be his new coca-cola bottle since his baby piggy bank was full) I will have to readdress my thoughts on “time” vs. “money”.

Below is the full list of statements asked in the recent American Pulse™ Survey:

As for the time I do have, I plan to spend it making this summer filled with budget friendly activities for my kids.  I thought I would share some ideas (in addition to our normal family activities above):  water balloon toss, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, kite flying, body painting (then run through the sprinkler!), neighborhood scavenger hunt, obstacle course, oobleck, wet sponge toss, squirt bottle fight and popsicle breaks.  These fun activities should get this Mommy a few brownie points this summer!

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Source:  American Pulse™ Survey – May 2012 #2 (N=3751, 5/21 – 5/29/12)

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