About BIGinsight™

BIGinsight.com™ is a consumer-centric information portal providing the latest insights using fresh data from multiple sources. As a comprehensive source of information, BIGinsight.com™ represents the voice of the consumer and provides knowledge to marketers regarding consumer views on the economy, personal finance, retail, lifestyle, media and domestic and world issues.

Data sources include:

  • Monthly Consumer Survey – Monitors 8,000+ consumers each month providing unique insights & identifying opportunities in a fragmented & transitory marketplace
  • Media Behaviors & Influence™ Study (MBI™)– Bi-annual survey of 20,000+ consumers monitoring the consumption of media, products, and services
  • The ProsperChina™ Quarterly Survey – Monitors the purchasing behavior and media consumption of 15,000+ adult Chinese consumers between 18-54 years old
  • The Federal Reserve Economic Database (FRED®) – 41,000 economic time series from 38 sources

BIGinsight.com™ is a service provided by Prosper Business Development. With a tradition of innovation for over 20 years, Prosper has provided market leadership and developed contemporary solutions to help companies at the top of their respective industries navigate change that impacts their business. Prosper has developed solutions that not only offer security in tumultuous times but bring companies to their peak of success when times are good.

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